Sunday, May 4, 2008

The seat is here!

Emma's new seat came in the mail a couple days ago. She was terribly excited to check it out!

everyone took a turn trying it's crazy that Brian is on the same slots as Emma and Jackson...he's got the longest torso!

Nobody will ever say that they aren't safe! Some think we're crazy to have a 7 year old still in a car seat. It would be different if she was the size of an average 7 year old though. I should send this picture into Britax as an advertisement!

She's super happy with the seat. The fact that it's pink just made her day. I think I win mommy of the year award from her!


Anonymous said...

Um...Can I ask? How in the WORLD do you keep your car so clean?! I try to clean up after the kids when I get out, but it seems like it multiplies while I'm gone!!! :)
BTW-I don't think you are crazy! Noah was in a seat until he was 9! Let me tell you, he was SOOO happy to be out of it. He said he felt like a baby. *eyeroll*
Also, your kids are just too cute for words!!!! I'm very glad I got to read your blog finally!!!

Heather said...

I love it! Congrats! And glad she loves it too!