Monday, April 28, 2008


Double yay! Car seat problem solved! I was talking to my sil and Heather about the issue. Heather wanted to know what it looked like so I went online to remember the name of the pattern. I did a google search and clicked on an online retailer that popped up first. I was so shocked to see they had the color we wanted in stock, on sale, and there is no shipping fee or sales tax! I called Dave and he told me to just get it without much thought at all. Soooo....I did! I got a Britax Regent in Madison for $239! Emma will be one happy camper having a girly seat, and Brian will be super happy to have the big boy black seat. I figured I would get the girly one so Emma would enjoy being in a 5-pt harness even more. Brian will use her old seat until it expires and then I'll just put the black cover on the new shell. It will work out fabulously.

And just so inquiring minds don't have to's what her new seat looks like...

Isn't it so pretty...any girl would be proud to ride in this seat. I hope she loves it. I'm kind of excited about it too. When we had Emma baby products hadn't gone the route of gender specific yet. So all of her gear was navy blue...nothing girly for her. So it's fun to get to buy one thing girly for her. Even if she is almost 7!

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