Thursday, February 19, 2009

We've hit a new phase of life...

I don't know who's more upset, Emma or me. See, we've entered into a new world - Emma is grounded. For two weeks. For lying to me. I'm at a loss. She's lied before, but she was young enough to punish in the toddler-way. Even taking away a privilege seemed sufficient. But not so much anymore. Last night Emma and I were getting ready to go to gymnastics - her favorite activity of the week. I told her to go to the bathroom before we left. Her first mistake was talking back to me by saying "I went when I got changed" - which was at 4:00. It was now 6:00. My response was - I didn't ask if you needed to go, I said go. Do not talk back and just do what I ask you to. So she trots off to the bathroom. At the same time I went into my room to change quick and came back out. I was in there maybe all of 45 seconds. When I come out of my room, Emma is already getting her shoes on. I knew there was no way in the world she could have undressed out of her pants and leotard, gone potty, gotten re-dressed in said leotard, washed her hands and been out in time to be putting her shoes on. No way in the world. So I immediately know she didn't go - so I asked her "did you go potty?" She responded "I did." My response - trying to give her a second chance "Are you sure you went - that was awfully fast" and she quickly responded with "I went!" Damn. She must think I'm so dumb. I called her over to me and said oh so sternly - "you're not telling me the truth, are you?" She stared at me blankly for a moment, and I just about lost it. Sensing this, she finally says "I didn't go." I told her she didn't get to go to gymnastics and sent her to her room. Once she was upstairs I talked to Dave about it and we both felt that keeping her from gymnastics wasn't the right punishment, since we're paying for her to be there. Instead we decided she wasn't allowed to play with her best friend (or any friend for that matter) for two weeks. What's hard about that for her is her friend lives across the street. So Emma has to see her outside playing and she doesn't get to - that'll sting. It's weird - she's not even 8. Where did I go wrong? And why did she choose this to mess up on? All I asked her to do was pee! Sheesh!

Monday, February 9, 2009

New look

Do you like it? If so, head over to They have free templates you can use or you can request custom templates for a cost. She's also doing a ton of stuff to support two babies that have been in the NICU for months. Maybe you'll want to enter one of the drawings to help support these families. I don't know baby Mia, but Kayleigh is a baby here in Charlotte and I "know" her parents (i.e. read a lot about them, and have seen their work around town). Both babies were near death, more than once, and have had an uphill battle. As of right now they're both winning the battle and it's great to read how strong the love of God has made these families.

So go forth and enjoy!