Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lots of pictures!!!

I have a couple things to update you all about. I apologize it's taken me so long to post these, but the passing of SCC's daughter took a bit of priority. I still cannot imagine what they're all going through, but I'm sure they're trying to regain some sense of normalcy - if that's even possible.

Anyhow, after my post about all of the big things changing with Brian, we started by moving him to the big boy bed. So I'll post a few (ok, a lot) of pictures of that transition.

And I only have a couple pictures of Emma after her ballet recital because they wouldn't allow any flash photography during the performances. I did take video, and as soon as I figure out how to load it on the computer and then onto the blog I'll post it here. She did a fabulous job, and was such a beautiful ballerina. My heart swelled watching her on stage, and at that moment I decided that I would keep her in ballet for as long as she'd allow it. I won't force her to keep doing it if she hates it, but even though it was expensive and time consuming, it was so worth every minute. I am a super-proud momma!

Okay, enough's the pics.

Isn't she just so beautiful? (And no, I'm not biased!)

That is Emma's 1st grade class. I was lucky enough (and yes, there is some sarcasm there) to go with her on a field trip to the botanical gardens. I took some really neat pictures while I was there, but can't figure out how to mark them so they're not copied. I'll post them when I figure that out.

I couldn't finish a post without a picture of Jackson! See that scrape on his lip? He took a major tumble a few days prior and was gushing blood everywhere. It looks worlds better here, but we probably should have had it stitched up. We didn't even take him to the dr. I am currently putting Mederma on it because it has left a scar on his face - and let's face it - his face is just too pretty to have a scar on it! Okay, too handsome. Totally worth $18 to make it less noticeable.

So how is everyone else out there?

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Kristen said...

Love the bed and the bedding! Emma is beautiful, can't wait to see the video. Scars give men character, maybe he'll play Indiana Jones' long long long lost son......