Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Picture overload

Hi everyone! Sorry for the slow goings but we've had a "man down" the last week. All the kids had colds, but of course, Brian went and took it to a new level. He ended up with pneumonia, but is getting better each day. We've still got him on prednisone and the xopenex breathing treatments, but his appetite is pretty much back to normal as well as his sleep. We never really consider Brian a preemie since he made it to 36 weeks and had no NICU time, but when he's sick like this from just a little cold (Emma's lasted all of two days) it's obvious to see that he still has some struggles. I am very glad he didn't come any earlier - I don't even want to think about how bad he could have been. But right now he's upstairs playing with Jackson so I'm taking a few minutes to post some pics from our anniversary party for you to see. I wish I could post them all, but there are way too many. Enjoy!

Here's Dave and I toasting with the same flutes we used the day we got engaged and on our wedding day.
Grandpa and Emma on the deck.
Jackson doing his best cheesy smile for Emma the photographer.
Uncle Tom being a silly man as usual (Emma the photographer again).
Emma, Savannah, and Ashley. Emma is the oldest girl in this picture.
Well, I'll try to add more pics soon. Not a single picture of Brian was taken at the party so I'll have to get some cute ones and post them.

Thanks for looking!