Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Yes or No?

So we've got ourselves a dilemma. Many of you know (some of you don't)that we've been doing a lot of research on adding a dog to the family. I know some of you don't think we should given our history, and I appreciate your concern. But the bottom line is it's really something we want to do, and it's not something we've been going into lightly. We've been doing a ton of research on breeds and going to a dog show, talking w/breeders, etc. trying to make an educated decision. During this process one of the things we did is to take a quiz to find out what breeds would suit our needs/wants. Out of that quiz we discovered that the Boston Terrier and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel were both great fits for us. We visited a CKC breeder and just didn't feel a connection w/the dogs. A little too girly for Dave. I went to a dog show to see some Boston's and I fell in love with them. They are such cuties. I know most people don't think they're that cute, but their personalities more than make up for the lack of outward beauty. So we decided then that we would pursue a Boston. I made contact with a few breeders and found one that we really like. We have been in contact with them continuously since early April. Well a new litter was born on June 21st. 3 boys and 2 girls. We really want a girl, for various reasons (and not breed specific - we'd want a girl of any breed). But the catch is girls are really hard to come by. They keep most girls for breeding purposes. So we have to decide if we're willing to give up the desire for a girl and get a boy. My gut says no, but my heart says yes. I'm very excited to add this new member to our family. I have not heard yet if the breeder is willing to part w/either of the girl puppies.

To make matters worse, I've come across a female blue great dane puppy, 5 weeks old. For those of you that do not know this, I have wanted this dog since I was about 15. And in doing "adult" research this week, turns out danes are an excellent fit for us as well. The reason they didn't show up the first time was because of size. I had marked small and they are obviously anything but small. So that is the true issue at this point. I don't know what to do. If we act quickly, we can get the great dane. If I wait and see if we get one of the boston girl puppies, we'll probably miss out on this dane puppy. I am truly torn on this. I wish we could do both. No worries - there's no way. I know we'd love the boston tremendously. I know I'd love the dane, as well as Dave, because it's a big dog. No idea what the kids take would be on it, but we can't really take their opinion seriously. Yesterday Jackson said he wanted to get a baby jaguar.

I've somewhat figured out the logistics of having each dog. The only downside to the dane is space - if we travel it's harder to take her with us. Otherwise it's pretty even. Help us! We're really trying to decide what to do and we'd love some input (only helpful, positive input - none saying don't get a dog...).I'll attach a pic of the great dane puppy, as well as a link to the breeder of the bostons. The dog on the main page is Destiny - she'd be our puppy's sister - same momma. Thanks everyone!

http://www.lumberjacksbostons.homestead.com (warning - music on this link)


Kristen said...

Okay, Jules... we want a dog and it's not gonna happen anytime soon, so we'll live vicariously through you. JMO, I LOVE the great dane!!! Hate to say anything bad about the Boston, in case you get her and I have to backtrack, :) but we had a great dane while we were growing up and I loved that dog. And you're right about it being a big dog. Something to think about -- would you travel with her or board her? Is there any difference in the maintenance of the dogs? Is it significant? Are your kids scared of big dogs? Little dogs? You do realize none of your kids would be big enough to walk it for at least ten years, right? So, me personally, I would go for the dane.

Cousin Maria said...

So I know absolutely NOTHING about dogs....you know us, the cat family. However my really good friend had a great dane growing up and she still says how much they all LOVED that dog. Also have some friends that have a Boston and he really seems like pain, chews things, has to be kenneled when they aren't home. Scott would probably say the great dane because he's a big dog person, not so much inot the puntables. =)