Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What a weekend!

We had such a good weekend! It was so great to have everyone here. Both my folks and Dave's were here for a few days and we had such a good turn-out at the party. Thank you to everyone for making the day so special for us. We really had a wonderful time. And those of you that brought gifts - soooo unexpected but so sweet! Thank you so much for thinking of us like that! I am working on real notes to send out (we all know how good I am at that!).

I know Heather took a ton of pictures from the party and I will post them as soon as I get them from her. I'm sure she took some great ones.

So now the house is quiet once again. Well, as quiet as it can be for having three kids! I really should be up and doing some laundry or something, but I'm enjoying just sitting here and drinking my coffee.

It's amazing to me that we just celebrated our 10th anniversary, and in just a couple weeks we'll celebrate Emma's 6th birthday. It's amazing how fast time goes by, and somewhat sad too. But mostly fun because things just get better as time goes on. I look back on the last 15 years with Dave and I'm so amazed at how well we've grown up together. We had quite a few people say we wouldn't make it since we started out so young. And not that we've "made" it at the ripe old age of 32, but we've made it farther than most of them thought we would. And to think - we're so much better now than we were then - I have no doubt that we'll be having another big party 10 years from now.

Dave said something so cool and I don't think he realized how sweet it really was. At the end of the day he asked if I was sad it was over. I can't remember what my response was, but then he said "well you know what tomorrow is" and I asked him what. He said "the start of the next 10 years." I really liked that. And he thinks he's not romantic!

I've always said my dad is my hero. I was that girl - daddy's girl. But over the years Dave has definitely moved into that "hero" position. But my dad never really moved out of it, either. So now, while my dad is still my hero, Dave is my super-hero.

Ok, enough mush. I've got three kids that think I should feed them. I guess... :-)

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