Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What a difference 9 months makes!

Today was Emma's last day of kindergarten! I cannot believe how fast the year went. I remember that first day that we dropped her off like it was yesterday. I remember being full of anxiety and worry and Emma was totally cool! She wasn't even the least bit afraid. I was so proud of her as I walked her down the looong hallway to her classroom passing other students upset or crying, all the while Emma just kept that sweet smile on her face. She was so excited to be at "real" school as she called it. We met her teacher Mrs. Counselman, who honestly seemed more nervous than the kids! There was no long goodbye or stalling on her part. Nope - see ya later mom! So off I went. I worried about her all day wondering if she was having a good day or if she realized the magnitude of what "real" school meant. When I got to the school that afternoon I waited in line for her to come out to the car. When she walked out of that door I knew what kind of day she had. She was beaming! She loved every minute of it and luckily she kept that attitude the whole year. Even when we moved her mid-year to a new school and new friends. Not a hiccup from her. She joined in her new class with ease and really started to excel at the new school. We are sooo happy to have moved just for that reason alone. As school ends today, she's reading at a 1st-2nd grade level, doing addition and subtraction, even fractions! She had to present an "expert" project on the jaguar in front of her whole class. She did great. I'm actually sad to see the year end because she loves her teachers so much. I know she will miss them, but looking forward to another new school next year and knowing she's not the youngest one in school anymore.

Here are a couple pictures for you. The first is her first day of school last August. And the second was taken this morning - her last day as a kindergartener. Sniff.


Hilary said...


she has grown up soooo much from the beginning to to end of school! scary how fast they change! good reminder for me to soak it all in every day!


Michelle Hoyt said...

WOW... she is beautiful! Such a difference than when we were out there!!!

Michelle Hoyt said...

Ha Ha... after I read my comment I laughed... it didn't read right... what I should of said was "such a difference in size than when we were out there" - becuase she has always been a beautiful little lady. :)