Thursday, October 18, 2007

My cousin is famous!!!

If only it was for a different reason. Check out this video of her interview about reconstructive surgery after surviving breast cancer.

Michelle - you ROCK!!! I'm so proud of you and how well you've handled this whole thing. You have so much support and are such an inspiration to all of us! I have been and will continue to pray for you and Gregg.


Maria said...


Michelle said...

Thank you so much for posting this and more importantly thanks so much for all of your thoughts, prayers and well wishes. I honestly couldn't get through any of this without everyone, so I thank you for that!

Hope everyone is well!

Jules said...

It's an honor just to be related to you! I seriously am amazed at your strength. It's surreal to know someone so close going through it, but it's also a great reality check for those around you (especially for me). In fact, I'm making a dr. appt. for myself very soon. I'm sure they'll be interested to know of your diagnosis. I'm just glad to see you doing so well. I really can't wait to see you in June. We'll have a great time celebrating your victory!

Anonymous said...

Julie, Thank you so much for your support for Shelly. It means a lot to her and to Joe & I that her cousins are so supportive of her. It"s been a difficult time for all of us but it's amazing to see how well she recovered and how strong she has been going thru chemo and reconstruction.She's been amazing. I'm sure all of our prayers have helped her be strong. The Lord works in amazing ways when we realize that He is in control. Yeah God! Love, Aunt Berni