Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Jackson has been feeling somewhat under the weather for the last few days, but nothing major. He took a nosedive today so I decided to take him to the dr. He tested positive for both strep throat and the flu. I feel so unbelievably sad for him. He must feel just miserable.

So all three kids are on Tamiflu, and I'm praying like mad that Emma stays healthy because she's got a dance competition in Asheville this weekend.

Nothing like a little stress to make the week go by faster, eh?

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Connie Mrazek said...

Hey, Jules! It's Connie. I was at a loss when your Christmas card came back. Where did you move to? What is your email. I am not real familiar with this blog thing. So happy to find your last Christmas letter with your blog on it. My email is cmrazek1@gmail.com. Please write me so we can catch up. Your kiddies are getting so big! Your house is beautiful, too. What's your address. EMAIL MEEEEEEEE!! THanks! Connie Mrazek