Thursday, March 12, 2009

Has it been 10 days already?

According to my ticker to the left it has been 10 days since I stopped drinking soda. I would have only guessed it to be 3 or 4 surprisingly. It's not nearly as hard as I thought. Now this isn't to say I won't have soda ever again, in fact I'll probably have it tonight. But Dave and I have stopped buying it or keeping it in the house. I will only allow myself a soda when we eat out. And because we're both trying to shed a few pounds, that's not very often. Tonight I'm going out with a group of moms I met at Jackson's preschool last year. A very wonderful group of ladies, actually. And we're going out to dinner for a little girls' night. I had planned on having soda tonight, but now that I saw that ticker I'm thinking I don't need it obviously, so why tempt myself. We'll see.
But I'm excited for my girls night out tonight. Doesn't seem fair to get to go out to dinner tonight, considering in exactly one week I'll be in Charleston with 11 other women enjoying a few days of R&R. But I'll take while I can!


Heather said...

I usually can only have soda with pizza. We had to give it up in college and I just never went back. Congrats and hope you had fun!

Adrienne said...

You are a heard working Mom and deserve some R&R no matter how many times in a wk or month you go. You NEED it! Shoot! I think every Mom needs it! Just to get away for a bit.

Good job on the no soda! My sister is doing pretty much the same thing. She said she used to drink Diet Pepsi ALL the time every day! Now she is down to 1 can a day, which is HUGE for her! When ever we visit, or I see pics of her, she has a can of Diet Pepsi in her hands or around her somewhere! Congrats!!!

Anonymous said...