Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The "P" word

I had to take Brian back to the dr. yesterday for a follow-up visit. I had taken him on Thursday because he had the same thing Jackson had, but much worse. Turned out he had a double ear infection, red/raw throat, and he was wheezing. So she put him on Omnicef and prednisone and breathing treatments every three hours. We made it through the weekend and he seemed to be getting better. And he is, however when we went back for his follow-up, she said she still heard a lot of junk in his chest, so she wanted a chest x-ray. Can you see where this is going? We had the x-ray done (and I'm not going to dwell on the trauma that caused both Brian and me) and went back to the dr's office for the report. Miss Wendy came in the room (after a 45 minute wait) and said she didn't like what she saw. Brian has inflammation/fluid/congestion in his right lung. She also noticed how he was holding his breath a lot and told me that was his way of changing the pressure in his lungs to get more O2. Poor little man! I had no idea he was that bad. He's actually been more normal through this illness so it wasn't totally obvious how sick he was. She basically said it was borderline pneumonia and gave him a high dose antibiotic injection. She also told us to continue the omnicef and the nebulizer treatments and come back on Thursday. So we're just hoping that by Thursday she'll hear some improvement in his lungs and we can put this illness behind us. Although Emma did wake up with a cough and runny nose this morning, but I'm not so worried about her just yet.

I'll leave you with a couple pictures. The first one is a drawing done on the magna-doodle (or 'drawing board' as Brian likes to call it). Brian drew this picture all by himself! It's supposed to be of Joe and Blue from Blue's clues. I'm still in awe that he can draw a face like that at his age!

The one of Emma is of her her first "friend from school" phone call. I felt it necessary to document when the "socialite" behavior first started. Dave and I are sooo not ready for this!

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Kristen said...

Ugh, Jules, I feel for ya! Between ear infections, strep throat and gastrointestinal issues, we've always got something going on here. Give the kids some big hugs from us.