Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Illness has returned

The boys are sick. Jackson started out with a little cough on Thursday last week. I decided to keep him home on Friday just in case it turned into something worse. He started running a very low temp (99.8) mid-day Friday - he usually is around 97.8 normally. So I was glad I kept him home. On saturday he was fever free and just coughing a bit. He sounded much worse through the evening and on Sunday his fever jumped up over 101...I decided at that point to take him to urgent care because I knew a few kids in his preschool class had the flu. We waited almost 2 hours just so the Dr. could tell me they were out of flu tests and he most likely had the flu. Fine. Monday morning before he woke up I went to CVS and filled the scrip for Tamiflu and went home. Got Jackson up, took his temp - it was 98.4! No fever. He was much more alert and happy. So I have to believe he didn't have the flu but just a cold virus. He's still coughing a lot, it's getting productive, so hopefully he'll work it out soon. He's also pretty congested, but it's not running and it's not slowing him down any. I will continue to keep him home from school though. There's no need to expose the class with something else - they've had enough illness this year.

So I always pray hard when a cold bug comes into the house because Brian still trends towards asthmatic with any kind of virus. Jackson used to be this way, but he's grown out of it mostly. Since Jackson started coughing last week, I have been waiting for it to hit someone else - all the while praying it wouldn't be Brian. Emma is still doing well, Dave and I are fine, but Brian started coughing last night. He's definitely got it, but so far no fever and no breathing treatments have been necessary. Keep fingers crossed that he's old enough to fight it...I would love not to have to break out that nebulizer again...

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Maria said...

Is everybody all better yet? Hope so, prayers that all is well!