Thursday, January 3, 2008

Let the games begin!

Soooo, I had my first work-out at bally's last night.  They called me in the morning to schedule a time to come in and tour the gym and whatnot, and then said, "do you want to fit a workout in while you're here?"  I couldn't very well say no... so I let the ever so insanely muscular trainer have a whack at my fat flabby self.  It was actually a wonderful time, not to say that I didn't work.  But he made me laugh during the session and I didn't even realize I had done 100 crunches!  He kept having me do sets of 20 in different positions and before I knew it he said "that's 100."  I laughed because with all my c-sections, I didn't think I could do 10 crunches, let alone 100.  I did a few of their circuit machines after doing about 10 minutes on the elliptical machine.  Tonight I go back for the full 1 hour session.  This time I have a female trainer (I think Dave is much more comfortable with that) and she used to be a body builder.  I'll admit - I'm a little scared of her.  But apparently she's really good at motivating people and gets quick results.  That's exactly what I wanted.

The guys I met last night were of course trying to get me to commit to signing up for membership, and I'm tempted, but I want to try it out for a few weeks before doing that because it's a pretty long drive.  I need to see if the perks are worth the drive, or if our local gym would be sufficient.  We'll see.

So, my team members are Maria and Kristen (and I'm trying to coerce Heather into joining in as well).  Let's get it going ladies!  Did you sign up with Discovery Health yet?  Are you working out?  I've got a long way to go before I'll be happy with putting on a bathing suit, and only 4 months to get the job done.  Git r done.  (sorry, had to say it)


Maria said...

You go! We bought an elliptical and I have been getting up at 5am to work out on it. Going to start adding the weights this weekend...don't have a gym ANYWHERE close so I have to do it at home. ALso working on the eating...we'll see, luckily Scott is trying to help, he's so sweet. GO GIRLS!!!!

Kristen said...

Okay, so I went to the Y today and did about half an hour of exercise. The elliptical machine almost killed me! Of course, I lost any ground I made today because we had a grand opening of a Golden Corral tonight.... I do have a trainer session set up for next Friday (1st they could get me in) and hopefully he'll help me figure out what to focus on first.

Jules said...

Awesome work ladies! I think we've got a strong team here! Kristen, the way I look at it (although it's not the most sound reasoning) is if all I changed was my amount of exercise, then I'm doing something. I know diet needs to be a part of it, but I'm going to push myself in the gym first until working out is a habit and then turn my attention on the food part. It's too overwhelming to do it all at once.