Friday, January 25, 2008

future possibilities...

So I've been told many times that I have cute kids. Of course I agree, but I'm also their mom, so I am kind of biased! However, we get a ton of comments about Jackson specifically. Most people who know him will say how gorgeous he is - his eyes are amazing. And how much personality he has (isn't that the truth!) - he's a very outgoing and friendly kid with an enormous imagination. I've even had people tell me that I should get him into modeling or acting. I thought about it, but never considered it seriously. I just didn't want to force anything on him at such a young age. I always thought that if he ever had an interest, we could pursue it, but not until he was old enough to have an opinion on the matter.

Well on the way to school today, Jackson was chatting away in the back of the van as usual. Then he started singing in the most high-pitched voice ever. I asked him "Jack, why are you singing so high like that?" and he responded "Mom, I want to be a movie star."

So there ya go. He's just given me his opinion. I asked him if he really wanted to do that and why. He said he did because he loves to make people laugh and act silly. I still don't think I'll do anything about it right now, but it sure did make me think more about the possibility. Is it possible to raise a young actor to maintain family values and morals? Looking at the current celebrity society - I have my doubts.

But he is one cute little kid. And he does make us laugh. A lot. A lot a lot.

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Kristen said...

Well I happen to think he's one of the cutest nephews I have! :D And there are 10 times more kids who turn out right than the kids who turn out like Lindsay, Britney, etc. Get him into the local theatre or children's choir to see if it's really what he wants to do.