Saturday, June 6, 2009

What a difference....

a year can make! I was just perusing some old photos and realized that other than the last day of Emma's preschool I have a picture for both the first and last days of school so far. It is so neat to see the changes in the kids from the start to the end. It is also astonishing when you see how different they are in the photos because it's so gradual to us living it day to day. I've even been lucky enough to have them wear the same clothes on the first and last days for the most part. That's pretty fun. Just thought I'd share in the fun with the photo "diary" of the kids growing up...sniff sniff...

First day of preschool (she was very ready to go, I wasn't)

Not last day but during summer after preschool...can't believe I forgot to take a picture on the last day!

First day of Kindergarten...

Last day of Kindergarten

First day of preschool for Jackson and 1st grade for Emma

Last day of preschool for JB

another of Emma on first day of 1st grade (anyone have the veggietales singing in their head right now?)

Emma on the last day of 1st grade (the biggest change for her I'd say so far)

first day of Kindergarten for Jackson and 2nd grade for Emma

last day of kindy for Jackson and 2nd grade for E....(huge change in Jack!)

I definitely hope to keep this going with them, for as long as they'll let me. And now I'm going to stop typing and go get some tissue!


La Nuit Étoilée said...

wow, I've never thought to do a last day of school pic...

1st grade was definitely where she changed from "little kid" to "big kid!"

Heather said...

Awwww what a great idea and im totally stealing it!
You can really see the difference.

Tracy said...

She's grown so much and what a little lady she is turning into Jules! She has no idea who I am anymore, but Happy Birthday to you both - you worked very hard and prayed very hard 8 years ago and you should celebrate too!

love ya, trac