Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I know, I know...

It's been way too long since I blogged. I have excuses - do you want to hear them? Didn't think so. I haven't meant to be away so long, but life is life and it happens.

We had a wonderful christmas this year. We spent a week in the mountains with my side of the family. Got to spend some good time with my brother's kids - I just don't get to see them enough. And the adults got to hang out and play games. I love that my family likes to play games - it's so much fun. And while we could watch movies together every night, it's just not the same.
The kids did pretty well for themselves this year, despite the budget constraints. The highlight was Jackson and Emma getting pogo sticks - from Santa. I thought they were a little weirdo for requesting them, but they love them and can actually get on the things. Unfortunately the weight requirements for the sticks are 40-80 pounds so they don't really make them bounce much. But at least they'll get to use them for a long time. Sadly for me that means I cannot play with it, too. I had a pogo stick when I was a kid and I loved that thing - I used to count how many jumps I could do in my basement. I'm sure I drove my parents nuts. I think my highest was in the 140's - yes I was (am) a dork!
The week of New Year's, our good friend Alison and her boys came for a visit. Oh how I wish they lived near us. The kids play so well together and enjoy the same things. Only Emma went off on her own now and then since she was the only girl in a house of boys. And speaking of Emma, while the boys were in town she lost two teeth! And thank goodness she did. I had a call into the dentist to see if she needed to have them pulled. The two top front teeth just didn't want to come out before her permanent teeth came in. Just like what happened with her bottom teeth. This poor girl has such a small mouth that there just isn't room to wiggle. So we spent a good hour one evening wiggling and tugging one of the teeth and finally it came out! She was a superstar - seriously. I was pulling hard and most kids wouldn't have put up with that. I kept telling her I would stop anytime she wanted me to. She kept saying "don't stop until it's out!" She was determined to get it out. So we got one out and decided that was enough for the evening. The following morning, after discovering her $2 from the tooth fairy (hey, she worked hard for that one - worth an extra dollar in my opinion) she decided it was time for the other one to come out. This one was the tooth that has been sticking straight out for some time now - pushed out by the permanent tooth coming in behind it. I was so glad she wanted it out because it was obviously out of place. So we sat and worked on it again, and this one was even more difficult than the first. But once again she was the bravest little thing and we got it out. And yes, the tooth fairy gave her another $2 for that one as well. ;-)
So now school has started, I have Sarah during the week again, and Brian is back to solo-play. And I'd make a pun saying he's pretending to be Han Solo, but that would be inaccurate. He's pretending to be General Grevis, Anakin, or Obi Wan usually. Dave is so proud.
Sorry to slow up your computer, but here are a ton of pics from the last few weeks. Sorry they're not in any kind of order - enjoy!

The pic above is of Emma in a dress I wore as a kid. It fit her just like it did me in the picture below. Funny thing though - I think I'm 4 in that picture. Emma is 7 1/2. I also think it shows she doesn't really look like me, even though most people say she does. But if you look at the last picture I do think it shows there is a little of me in Brian. I had to add that one because it surprised Dave and I how much it looks like Brian. Weird how kids change who they look like from year to year. I've stopped trying to figure it out!


Heather said...

Awwww those look like post card moments of what holidays and family are supposed to look like. Im happy for you all. Happy Holidays and New Year!

Maria said...

How fun!!! Love the pics...looks like you all had a blast!

Adrienne said...

I saw the pics on facebook I think. But everytime I look at them, they seem so cozy and homey. How nice for you guys! I'm glad you all had a wonderful time! I know how hard it can be to see family. My sis lives in Oklahoma, so we see her and her fam maybe 1x every 2 years. Her Daughter is 9 months between both my boys ages!! So they get along GREAT and her son is 3 months older than Lucas so they get along great! I wish they lived closer. :( But like you said, Lifes life and it happens! :)

Heather said...

Wow. You are right. I definitely see Brian in you judging from the bottom pic! I also appreciate the pic of Emma in your dress. That is priceless that your mom held onto things like that!!!

By the way, I SO want to get Jeff's family to do a cabin some Christmas. Your pictures illustrate exactly how we would love to celebrate!!! Much love!