Monday, October 27, 2008

The results are in! (And they are good!)

She's completely healthy!!!!!

The endocrinologist called this morning and went over all her test results. No Turner's syndrome, kidney, liver, thyroid all normal. The entire blood panel was totally normal! Can you believe that? Let it sink in for a moment....okay, so maybe you don't need a moment, but I sure did. I couldn't believe it when the doctor said it in her asian accent - I was afraid I heard her incorrectly. But nope - she's perfect! The Dr. did say that the only test that gave her any information was the bone age x-ray. It gave Emma a bone age of 6 yrs, 10 months, close to her actual age. Because of this, it showed that Emma is going to be pretty tiny as an adult. Her adult height will be 4'10" - without growth hormone replacement. We will be doing what's called a "growth hormone stimulation test" where they will put in an IV, give her two stimulants, and proceed to draw and test her blood every 20-30 minutes for 2-3 hours. Based on the results of this test we'll know if she's a candidate for the growth hormone replacement. If she is, the meds will gain her about 2-3 inches. Not much, but a significant difference for a girl to be at least 5 feet tall. Dave and I haven't had a chance to talk about any of this much, so no idea on if we'd have her take it, but I'm guessing we would. The Dr. gave her the diagnosis of idiopathic short stature - meaning short stature with no known cause. I can live with that!

Thank you everyone for praying for Emma. It's been a crazy ride and I'm ready to get off!


Adrienne said...

Oh! I'm crying for you right now! How exciting! And yes, she is perfect! Congrats and now you can continue breathing!

La Nuit Étoilée said...

good news!

Heather said...

Oh girl, im so happy for you and especially her, for all of you. Amazing!