Thursday, August 21, 2008

First Day of School!

I literally got to live out that infamous scene in Finding Nemo. Emma and Jackson woke up and came downstairs into our bedroom to wake us up. They were both soooo excited. It was adorable.
Emma is in second grade now and growing up really fast. She's starting to branch out into a few different activities as well. After her season of dance last year, she was honored by being asked to join their competition team for this year. We are very excited for her to try this out and see if it's something she really wants to invest her time and energy into. She'll take ballet, tap, and jazz on Friday afternoons for two hours. She starts tomorrow and is really looking forward to it. This afternoon we also visited one of our town's gymnastics gym. Emma has been begging us to take gymnastics, and we finally caved. They let her take the class today to see if she liked it. She was sooo overjoyed the entire class there was no way I could deny that joy. It was great to see her try stuff that would normally scare her, but she was determined to try everything and do her best. I think it will actually be a great source of self-esteem for her. Busy busy girl though. We've decided (I think) to forgo her doing fall soccer since she's already in two other time-consuming activities. Maybe we'll let her do spring soccer. We'll see.

Jackson did amazingly well on his first day. Not a fear, tear, or worry from this little man. He was so confident and social, as always. He really takes pride in his reading, and was showing off a little reading his book in the hallway (what they do waiting for the bell to ring in the a.m.). It was funny to see the looks from other parents watching him read that book without my help. I was probably a little prideful myself, but I'm still in that blown-away mindset that this kid taught himself how to read. He just amazes me. Jack also starts dance class tomorrow. Now before you envision him in a tutu, let me clarify. He is taking an all-boys hip hop class. We're trying to give him some cool points for later in life. Actually, it's just because this kid loves to move, and loves music. So hopefully it will be a good fit. He will also be playing soccer, both fall and spring most likely.

Brian did not do well yesterday with the kids gone. We went over to Heather's house to play with Allie and her daycare kids. It took B almost 30 minutes to finally let go of me and go play. He was so sad yesterday. He actually cried on my shoulder for 5 minutes in the morning when I told him they were gone. He was almost unconsolable. But he did much better today. We ran a few errands, and played with the kittens. He even played by himself for a little bit. I think he'll be fine once the routine sets in.

I've been off blogging for a while, and we had some fun during that time. It was amazing to see Jennifer and her girls. Made me realize just how much I've missed that girl. We lived together for over a year before we had kids. Dave even said having her here was the most natural house guest we've ever had. It took no time at all to feel like no time had passed and the only thing different was the 5 noisy children running around. I miss them terribly and will definitely not let 4 years go by before seeing them again. Hopefully next time we can get Scott and Dave together. They would get along really well I think.

Okay, enough babbling. I know there's lots more I forgot to post about, but I'm tired and needing sleep.

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Heather said...

awww everything sounds so good, i am happy. I know my son will be so sad when we have to leave his sister at "school" in 2 weeks. Im not looking forward it. I have my son in dance too, he loves it but he is only 1, lol! dance and gym are the 2 classes we have for our daughter too. just beware of practicing gym moves at home on her bed, lol!