Friday, July 27, 2007

Updates galore!

Ok, ok. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to post lately. But I tell ya, having a puppy is far more work than a newborn I swear! Not bad work, just always busy. We watch her like a hawk to avoid accidents so it's like we're constantly running around the house all day. And they told us she'd sleep a lot! Ha! But all that aside, Greta is just the sweetest thing! She loves to play, hates to be in her crate, is a total scrounge (even though we've never given her a single scrap). She loves her food - she practically begs to be fed all day long. And when it is meal time - watch out. She will take a finger off without even knowing it if it happens to be in her way! She is slowly learning what is okay and what is not. She has the potential to be the best family dog ever. On the downside, she has something wrong with her front legs - especially the left one. We think it's something called knuckling over. We'll take her to the vet tomorrow and see what's up. Please pray it's nothing too serious. We're all very attached to her already and that would be a devastating blow to say the least.

Ok, onto Jada Hoyt. I'm very late in posting this, but the biopsy results came back and Jada is perfect. They said it was nothing more than trauma from delivery most likely and is completely benign. There is nothing more for them to worry about and they can now just enjoy her.

And the Turner children are all doing so well. Jack and Emma will be leaving next weekend to spend a week with Dave's folks, and Brian is going to my folks. Dave and I will have an entire week to ourselves - at our own house!!! If it wasn't for Greta, we'd have no responsibilities to think about! While we know we will miss the kids terribly, we can't help but be excited for our time just the two of us. I think all 5 of us will have fun.

The pictures above are of Greta (at 10 weeks old) and of my garden. Did you see that huge caterpillar I found on my tomato plant? He was so much lighter this morning when I first saw him. I forgot to go take a picture until 7:30 tonight, I'm lucky he was still there! The garden is way out of control. It looks horrible right now because we had a few wind storms that pushed all my supports over and I have no idea how to get in there and straighten them back up. And the cucumbers look pretty lousy too. I don't know why, if it's lack of water or too much water. I was gone for a week and have no idea how much water they got. We've probably gotten a good 20+ cucumbers from it already. And I just started getting tomatoes! They are soooo yummy! I love having both in my garden, but next year I think I'll only do one cucumber plant and maybe 3 tomato plants instead of the 10 I have now!

Well, that's all for now. Hope everyone is doing well!

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